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The Basics of Ozone and Ozone Air Purifiers

There are several air-cleaning devices out there, but some of the most effective are ozone generators. While improper use can be dangerous, they work remarkably better than most other air cleaners.

Ozone Explained

Ozone is a gas with composed exclusively of three oxygen atoms. It is beneficial to us from the atmosphere; down here, it can be extremely harmful. Ozone has biocidal properties, meaning, it is intended to kill or control harmful organisms either chemically or biologically. In short, since ozone kills air contaminants, it is a great air cleaner.

Good thing is, ozone breaks down fast and naturally into human-safe oxygen.

Ozone Cleaners

True to its name, an ozone generator generates ozone to purify the air. It works against all kinds of odor-causing bacteria that could be floating in your environment, including smoke. There are many steps involved in the use of an ozone generator, but you need to remember that you can’t stay in a room where the air is getting ozone treatment. As long as you use the ozone cleaner correctly, it can make any room completely odor-free and allergen-free.

Safe Ozone Cleaner Use

If you intend to treat the whole house, FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO STAY because it’s hazardous to breathe ozone. As long as you treat ozone with respect, using it to clean your air can be a generally safe experience. As with any other tool, danger only comes with incorrect use. Around 5-10 hours is required to treat a room of odor completely, but when there’s mold and mildew, it can take as long as 24-30 hours.

It’s usually good to place the generator in a centralized area and, if needed, to keep a fan and dehumidifier in handy. Damp air promotes ozone breakdown, which then renders the gas useless in terms of air purification. Oscillating fans will help spread the ozone around to expand its reach.

Shutting Off the Ozone Generator Safely

After enough time has passed, you can shut off your ozone generator, but make sure you do it safely. Ozone can come in contact with your skin and it’s fine – it’s your lungs you need to take care of. Do not breathe as you shut off the machine. If you think you won’t be comfortable doing that, use an extension cord or better yet, get an ozone generator that comes with a timer.

Once you’ve shut off the machine, do not come near the area yet for at least another hour to give to ozone time to break down. By?then, mold spores and odors in the air will have all dissipated, and you’re left with spanking new breathing space for the family to enjoy.

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