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Tips for Making Your Candy Fundraisers a Success

Organizations of various types turn to selling candies as fundraisers. And it’s nothing to be surprised about – candies are a great way of generating income, especially for groups that have a devoted team of supporters who are happy to get out there and do the selling.

If you’re planning on a candy fundraiser yourself, here are tips to help you maximize your sales:

Have candy bar captains.

Start by assigning candy bar captains who will take charge of particular areas, companies, or volunteers. If your church is raising funds, for example, and you have three main neighborhoods covered, there should be a captain for each one of these. Their job will be to store candies, monitor and motivate the volunteers, and submits reports on a regular basis.

Offer exciting benefits.

Candy bar fundraising need to be fun, so be sure you have fun benefits in store so that your volunteer sales force will be well-motivated. ), a wrap up party, prizes for the top sellers, etc. Build up the excitement by being creative!

See online.

If you are able to accept donations through the Internet using credit or debit cards, set up a page where you can promote your cause and your supporters can e-mail their friends, asking them to buy candy. But you need a way to monitor who made each sale (for instance, ask the buyer who invited them to visit your site) so that you can tell the seller to deliver the paid candy to the buyer.

Find strategic table spots.

Have people from your organization, such as the development staff or some volunteers, check out good places where you can set up your candy bars. They can approach shopping malls, synagogues, local supermarkets or any place where there are lots of people, and request that you be given a small fundraiser spot. Then sign up volunteers who will staff each spot. Provided the table is handled well, your income in one afternoon can equal that which you might earn as an individual online seller for an entire month.

Monitor your sales staff and keep them motivated.

Keep track of what your sellers’ activities by having them submit weekly sales reports, and make sure you motivate them consistently by holding events, giving praises for a job well done, and so on.

Pick reputable candy suppliers.

Finally, if you think all candies are sweet and delightful, think again, especially if you’re retailing them. Regardless of your cause, selling bad quality candies can compromise your organization’s credibility. You may even end up in a court battle in case your candies make people sick. Seems like a wildly remote possibility, but that’s reality and you can avoid it by researching a supplier before committing to them.

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