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Tips for Establishing a Plant Nursery

Currently, there is an increase in the need to plant on the farm. For smallholders, it is becoming difficult for them to access the plants at their right quantity, time, and quality the kind of plant they want to plant. To meet the current and future demands for the planting materials, it is recommended that people should enhance the on-farm and community plant nursery center. Below are some of the facts on how to establish a plant nursery.

Before establishing a plant nursery, consider looking for the best location. The best location is the one that increases the efforts of maintenance, management and makes it possible for the users to access it. The best location for your plant nursery is the one that has reliable water supply; customers can easily access the seedlings very easily, availability of good soil, and also the site should be protected from strong winds and from livestock, receives sun should allow drainage in case of high rains.

Consider the availability of enough size for your plant nursery. The size of the plant nursery is dependent on the space that is available. You might be having a small land that is not adequate to have a plant nursery due to its small size. You can choose to look for schoolyards or any other public land that is available to construct a plant nursery.

The size of your plant nursery is also influenced by whether you want to grow your seedlings in beds or in pots or whether you want to raise them from grafts or from seeds. This mostly influences the available space every plant requires. Keep in mind that the plant nursery requires a space to enhance the soil, manure and sand are mixed correctly.

When you are establishing a plant nursery, make sure you have a place to keep your plant nursery tool in the right condition and the one that enhances their safety. Tools such as shovels, empty tins with small holes in the bottom parts, kitchen knives, and knife sharpeners are some of the basic toes required in a plant nursery.

Plant nursery cannot be prepared at any single time. You need to take your time and make sure it is the best time that will allow sufficient growth of the seedlings without being affected by the available climate. There are some initial labors that need to be done prior to raising the seedlings; for instance, soil collection, fencing, and bed construction need to be considered.

Make sure that you obtain the correct plant nursery operations. These are things to do with seed sourcing, preparation of the seedbed, sowing the seeds, potting, pricking the seedlings out, shading and watering them, pruning as well as weeding them, and finally, the application of the right manure or fertilizers.

Most of the seedlings are very delicate as well as highly susceptible to diseases, pests, and weather conditions. When these harsh conditions attack them, they are likely to die. It is essential that the damages that are likely to come with the conditions to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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